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Little Cross-body Purse made with Red Heart With Love Yarn

This sweet little bag was made with 3 strands of worsted yarn. It took just a couple of hours to make at a cost under $10. Supplies:
1 skein of Red Heart With Love Yarn (about 300 yards)
Lobster keyring from Michael's
Swing lock purse fastener
Size K crochet hook
Since the purse needed to be crocheted in a super bulky yarn, I needed to wind 3 separate balls, as 3 strands would be worked together.
There are three rectangles. One for the main part of the bag and two for the sides.
I started the main rectangle with a chain of 17 and then continued with a seed stitch (single crochet, chain, skip stitch, then single crochet) for the rest of the bag body worked over 8 stitches until the piece measured 15 inches. You basically need enough for the bag height, depth, and flap. This bag is 5" high, 2" deep, with a 3" flap.
The sides were made by chaining 9 and working 8 stitches in the seed pattern to a 5" length. You could work the sides first so that you could det…

Crocheting Little Monkeys Crochet's Baby Blanket

This baby blanket reminds me of a stitch sampler. There are two stitch patterns made in alternating stripes.

Also there is an attached ribbing that was new to me. You start by crocheting a rib and then pick up stitches to begin the blanket. The ribbing at the end is picked up from the blanket.

I used Caron's Simply Soft which is always nice for an afghan. You can find the pattern on the Little Monkeys Crochet website.

Granny Square Purse Bottom

A while back I made a video on how to crochet a Granny Square Purse. Recently a viewer asked me to show the bag bottom construction in more detail. Until I can make the video, here is a short video showing the bottom of the bag. The steps are:
Sew together the bag front, back and sides before starting the bag bottom.The bag bottom is made in two halves. First pick up stitches for the bottom from the back front. Leave half of the bag side depth when you do this.Crochet half of the bag bottom.Repeat for the other half of the bag bottom starting with picking up stitches from the back of the bag.Sew or graft the bag bottom halves together.Then sew or graft together the sides with the bag bottom.
Please visit my YouTube channel to see the Granny Square Purse video. Enjoy!

Make a Velvet Bag with Premiere Yarns Parfait

It was so nice to crochet with this soft velvety velour. Your will enjoy wearing the bag too!

Wearing the Bucket Bag

I happened by a mirror at JC Penney today and took a picture of the Bucket Bag. I like wearing them cross-body this way.

Crocheting Handbags with Bernat Maker Yarns


Yarnspiration's Lily Sugar 'n Cream Cotton

While T-Shirt Yarn is a great option for crocheting handbags, cotton yarn works well too. Here are some of the purses I have made with 4 strands of Lily Sugar 'n Cream Cotton...

There is a demonstration on the construction of these bags in my Youtube videos listed below:

Easy DIY Crochet Dishcloth Cotton Chain Purses
Easy DIY Crochet Dishcloth Cotton Chain Purses II
Easy DIY How to Crochet Designer Chain Purse Tutorial

The Tackle Bag

To me, this purse is a pretty version of a tackle bag. It's a different shape than my usual flap bag and is worked in the round from a rectangular base. The flap is joined in the back and worked in half-double crochet for 4 rows and then 3 rows decreasing a stitch on each side. I slip-stitched the flap to add the swing lock clasp. The "knit stitch" (formed by crocheting in the stitch of the previously row) worked up quickly with the thick Hoooked Zpaghetti yarn. I purchase this yarn at

If you want to make one, visit  Katy Handmade's YouTube video. Katy has included English subtitles. Enjoy!

New Bucket Bags

Hot off the crochet hook today are these Bucket Bags ready to take to the craft show:

Crotcheted T-shirt Yarn Bucket Bags

Bucket Bags are so easy to make! You start by just crocheting a rectangle. This bag's base is 10" by 5". On the last row of the rectangle, you single crochet 2 or 3 stitches in each corner. Then you single crochet another row on the back loop of each stitches to start the bag sides. I crocheted up until 3 rows before the top, then I added the rings within 3 single crochets on more narrow sides. I slip-stitched the very last row to make a nice edge.

The suede strap was made from leather scraps purchased from Michael's. I also bought the chain from Michael's. The chain was tied on after attaching a handmade toggle bar on the end. I will demonstrate this in my YouTube video, which will be up shortly.

Ganxxet is a great t-shirt yarn seller in the US. The shop has a lot of selections:


Whether you like to paint, crochet, knit, or decorate cookies, you may find some inspiration here for your next project. There is always a project in the works here.
Lately, I have been crocheting handbags from t-shirt yarn. Please visit this look book and the other videos on my channel showing how the bags are made.

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