Crotcheted T-shirt Yarn Bucket Bags

Bucket Bags are so easy to make! You start by just crocheting a rectangle. This bag's base is 10" by 5". On the last row of the rectangle, you single crochet 2 or 3 stitches in each corner. Then you single crochet another row on the back loop of each stitches to start the bag sides. I crocheted up until 3 rows before the top, then I added the rings within 3 single crochets on more narrow sides. I slip-stitched the very last row to make a nice edge.

The suede strap was made from leather scraps purchased from Michael's. I also bought the chain from Michael's. The chain was tied on after attaching a handmade toggle bar on the end. I will demonstrate this in my YouTube video, which will be up shortly.

Ganxxet is a great t-shirt yarn seller in the US. The shop has a lot of selections:


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