Granny Square Purse Bottom

A while back I made a video on how to crochet a Granny Square Purse. Recently a viewer asked me to show the bag bottom construction in more detail. Until I can make the video, here is a short video showing the bottom of the bag. The steps are:
  1. Sew together the bag front, back and sides before starting the bag bottom.
  2. The bag bottom is made in two halves. First pick up stitches for the bottom from the back front. Leave half of the bag side depth when you do this.
  3. Crochet half of the bag bottom.
  4. Repeat for the other half of the bag bottom starting with picking up stitches from the back of the bag.
  5. Sew or graft the bag bottom halves together.
  6. Then sew or graft together the sides with the bag bottom.

Please visit my YouTube channel to see the Granny Square Purse video. Enjoy!


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