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Little Cross-body Purse made with Red Heart With Love Yarn

This sweet little bag was made with 3 strands of worsted yarn. It took just a couple of hours to make at a cost under $10. Supplies:
1 skein of Red Heart With Love Yarn (about 300 yards)
Lobster keyring from Michael's
Swing lock purse fastener
Size K crochet hook
Since the purse needed to be crocheted in a super bulky yarn, I needed to wind 3 separate balls, as 3 strands would be worked together.
There are three rectangles. One for the main part of the bag and two for the sides.
I started the main rectangle with a chain of 17 and then continued with a seed stitch (single crochet, chain, skip stitch, then single crochet) for the rest of the bag body worked over 8 stitches until the piece measured 15 inches. You basically need enough for the bag height, depth, and flap. This bag is 5" high, 2" deep, with a 3" flap.
The sides were made by chaining 9 and working 8 stitches in the seed pattern to a 5" length. You could work the sides first so that you could det…

Crocheting Little Monkeys Crochet's Baby Blanket

This baby blanket reminds me of a stitch sampler. There are two stitch patterns made in alternating stripes.

Also there is an attached ribbing that was new to me. You start by crocheting a rib and then pick up stitches to begin the blanket. The ribbing at the end is picked up from the blanket.

I used Caron's Simply Soft which is always nice for an afghan. You can find the pattern on the Little Monkeys Crochet website.