Little Cross-body Purse made with Red Heart With Love Yarn

This sweet little bag was made with 3 strands of worsted yarn. It took just a couple of hours to make at a cost under $10.

1 skein of Red Heart With Love Yarn (about 300 yards)
Lobster keyring from Michael's
Swing lock purse fastener
Size K crochet hook

Since the purse needed to be crocheted in a super bulky yarn, I needed to wind 3 separate balls, as 3 strands would be worked together.

There are three rectangles. One for the main part of the bag and two for the sides.

I started the main rectangle with a chain of 17 and then continued with a seed stitch (single crochet, chain, skip stitch, then single crochet) for the rest of the bag body worked over 8 stitches until the piece measured 15 inches. You basically need enough for the bag height, depth, and flap. This bag is 5" high, 2" deep, with a 3" flap.

The sides were made by chaining 9 and working 8 stitches in the seed pattern to a 5" length. You could work the sides first so that you could determine the length of the bag body.
Next the sides were slip-stitched to the main part. Each side was started on the front inside and stitched around until the center. I left about a foot of yarn to attach the top part of the clasp. Only two strands of yarn were used to reduce bulk and to feed through the clasp hole.

The strap was crocheted with 3 strands into a rope long enough to make it fit cross-body:  Crochet onto a ring two stitches, turn, crochet 1 stitch through 2 stitches, and then crochet through two stitches on the hook, turn and repeat.
The final touch is a tassel attached with a bit of chain to the lobster ring.

Look for a video on my YouTube channel soon for this little bag from start to finish.

 In case you want to order online, the Prime price includes shipping cost.


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