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New Crochet Purse Lining Video Uploaded to YouTube!

In this video, I will demonstrate adding a pretty Waverly print to the Hot Pink Flap Bag:

It was a lot of fun to create this and when I saw this lining fabric at Walmart, I knew it was the one! Walmart has great prices on their Waverly prints ($3.00/yard).

Handpainted Purse Lining

Yesterday I pulled out the fabric paints and painted a lining, for my peach t-shirt yarn flap bag, on Kona cotton.

 Here are some closer views:

Using the purse lining calculator and steps, I made a pocket and then aligned it on the lining.
(Click here to access and download the Google Sheets lining calculator I created.)

Sewed the side seams of the lining:

Pressed the side seams inward:

To make the box bottom, first I matched the side seam with the bag bottom center crease:

Then measured the bag bottom depth from the point of the seam:

Drew a line:

Then sewed on the line for each side:

Purse Lining Calculator

I created a Google Sheets document to help you calculate and visualize your bag linings. You can access it and download it through the link below:

Purse Lining Calculator
The step to creating a lining with a pocket are included.