Handpainted Purse Lining

Yesterday I pulled out the fabric paints and painted a lining, for my peach t-shirt yarn flap bag, on Kona cotton.

 Here are some closer views:

Using the purse lining calculator and steps, I made a pocket and then aligned it on the lining.
(Click here to access and download the Google Sheets lining calculator I created.)

Sewed the side seams of the lining:

Pressed the side seams inward:

To make the box bottom, first I matched the side seam with the bag bottom center crease:

Then measured the bag bottom depth from the point of the seam:

Drew a line:

Then sewed on the line for each side:

Next, I sewed the lining into the bag, using invisible thread, going through all thicknesses. You can sew all the way through the crocheted piece and enter very close to where you drew out the thread.

This is the thread I used:

Enjoy making your purse lining!


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