Denim Swing Boho Bag

This purse is easier to make than it looks. 

First, crochet the body rectangle from the back to the front. About Midway down the back increase one stitch on each side of the row and then increase again a couple of rows down to give you the flair you want. Then decrease on the corresponding rows going back up the front.

Next, crochet the sides and slip stitch them to the bag body.

Then, pick up stitches along the bag back for the flap and crochet. 

Sew a D ring at the top of each side.

For the strap, I cut a strip of leather and sewed the ends onto D rings and then looped chain through the D rings and connected the chain.

I used a large ring and toggle clasp for the closure.

See my lining calculator for help in measuring fabric needed for the lining and pocket. For this bag, the pockets covered the full width of the lining and were sewn in the lining side seams. I sewed seams up the middle of each pocket to give me 4 pockets.

The bag was made with Lion Brand's Fast-Track yarn.

Attach a tassel, if you like, and enjoy!


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