Crocheting a Basket Bag

Basket bags are everywhere this spring. These bags look great with a pretty dress or with jeans.

The bobble stitch along with the plastic canvas insert makes for a stand-up bag. Leather and metal accents add interest and boho vibe. Working with the leather opens up a whole new hobby that has so many possibilities. The veg tan strips make nice straps. Some strips are rougher on the reverse side than others. I rubbed the rough side of the leather with Gum Tragacanth which made the surface quite smooth. Also I picked up a leather punch drive set, rivets, and rivet setter set at a Tandy Leather Shop. These items were not expensive and will give new options for bag making.

This videos takes you through the construction of the bag after the crocheting was complete. Enjoy and please let me know if you have any questions.


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